Apple Music, Apple Maps & Shazam Integrations
May 22, 2023

Apple A1 - WIDE.png

Apple Maps, Apple Music, and Shazam are now leveraging Bandsintown concert data to provide users worldwide with even more ways to find and attend your events.

As an artist or venue, you can take advantage of these powerful new features to get your Bandsintown events in front of millions of interested fans. Keep reading to learn more and make sure you're set up to showcase your events and sell more tickets.

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Ad Manager
May 12, 2023

05_Dashboard Ad no CTA - 1920x1080.pngReach the right fans with Promoted Emails and get better results for your tour announcements, new music, merch drops, and other big moments.

The new Ad Manager makes it easier than ever to create, manage and measure your Promoted Email campaigns all in one place.

Try it now and get $25 off your first campaign of $50 or more.

Create a campaign

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Shopify Integration
April 27, 2023

Header No CTA - 1920x1080 (1).png

Get your merch in the right place at the right time by seamlessly displaying it alongside your tour dates so the fans most excited about you can grab a t-shirt with their tickets.

🔌 Connect your Shopify store to your artist page

🧢 Get your merch in front of your most engaged fans

💌 Promote it with seamless Email Builder integration

💰 Keep 100% of your merch sales

Learn more about the new Shopify integration.

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Marketing Playbooks
April 20, 2023

Playbooks Graphic - 1920x1080-1.png

Discover the marketing tools & tactics being used by some of our favorite artists to drive awareness, sell out tickets, and grow their audiences.

When it comes to promoting a tour, announcing a presale, and selling tickets, Playbooks are a fast (and free) way to get inspired to achieve your goals.

Explore success stories from today's most innovative artists and tailor their strategies to grow your career your way.

View all playbooks

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Team Management
January 27, 2023


Our new Team Management feature is now being rolled out to select artists, making it easier than ever to:

Add/remove users for the artists you manage

Control user access levels

Get alerts if someone requests access to your page(s)

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Email Builder
August 3, 2022

We're proud to introduce our new drag-and-drop Email Builder, designed to help artists cut through social media noise and keep fans in the loop directly about new music, shows, merch and anything in between.


Learn More

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May 13, 2022

Need some guidance on how to use Bandsintown for Artists? Our new tutorials give you step-by-step instructions for our catalog of tools so you can get the most out of your marketing.

Tutorials.pngEach tutorial features an overview of how the tool works, detailed instructions for setup, and helpful links that will take you exactly where you need to go.

Explore our easy-to-follow tutorials now.

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Upgraded Tool Pages
May 13, 2022

Our new tool pages are here to help you navigate our suite of free artist tools and streamline your marketing efforts!

Features.pngWith in-depth descriptions, step-by-step instructions, and FAQ for each one, getting started is simple. From managing your fan relationships to spreading the word about upcoming shows, there’s a page for all of your marketing needs. Explore the new pages below:

Discovery Engine

Fan Manager

Widget & API

Smart Link


Email Builder

Signup Form

For even more resources, check out our tutorials and help center.

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Event Map on Artist Pages
March 28, 2022

Now it’s easier for fans to view your whole tour at a glance and book their hotel in a few easy steps. All you have to do is add your events–we’ll do the rest.

Artist pages now feature an event map powered by Stay22 showcasing all of your upcoming shows. Organized by date and location, fans can easily navigate the map and expand events they want to see details for. The map also shows fans the best hotel deals in the area and takes them right to booking sites so they can get to shows as easily as possible. 

Isolated (MockUp) copy.png

Fans can view the whole tour, or select dates to see shows within a certain range and hotels in the corresponding locations.

*This is an extension of an existing tool which shows hotel deals on specific event pages. The new feature appears on artist pages, rather than event pages, and consolidates all listed events and hotel deals into one map.

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Showcase your events on Shazam!
March 23, 2022


We've teamed up with Shazam to help showcase your events and connect fans with tickets. With this new feature, you can reach even more fans by displaying your events and ticket links the moment they Shazam your music. Learn more.

Here's how to get started:

1. Log in to your Bandsintown for Artists account.

2. Go to Profile » Links and add the URL of your Apple Music artist page (where can I find this?)

3. Go to Events and make sure to add your events so that Shazam can showcase them!

If you still have any questions, please visit our Help Center.

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Fan Management Suite
March 12, 2022

Grow, manage, and engage your audience.


Reaching your fans is getting harder than ever. Unpredictable social algorithms can throttle post visibility. Web cookies are disappearing. Platforms change without notice. Strategies that worked wonders yesterday are suddenly irrelevant.

Owning fan data is now more crucial than ever for artists of all sizes and sounds. First-party data lets you better understand your fans, connect with them directly across multiple channels, and future-proof your career—and Bandsintown's new Fan Relationship Management Suite gives you everything you need to do it.


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Customizable Email Signup Forms
March 10, 2022

Grow your mailing list & Bandsintown following on your website

Isolated (MockUp).png

Embed Bandsintown's free, customizable Email Signup Form on your website to effortlessly build your fan email and SMS lists and your Bandsintown following. Let your visitors easily share their name, email, location, and phone number. Then manage, export, and engage your fan contacts directly from the Fan Manager tab in your Bandsintown for Artists dashboard.


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Upgraded Events Widget and Smart Link
March 10, 2022

We’re excited to announce the release of our new Events Widget and Smart Link! They're more powerful, more customizable, and give you more ways to build and engage with your fanbase—and best of all, they're free.


Here’s what you can expect:


We've given our Smart Link and Events Widget a makeover with a whole new look and feel.


Make it yours with tons of customization options to match your aesthetic and tailor your fan experience.


We’ve made it easy for you to collect valuable first-party data from fan interactions.


Plug in your pixels and tracking IDs to integrate our tools into your marketing stack.

If all that sounds good to you, test drive the Smart Link and Events Widget for yourself now!


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Integration: Sync your Bandsintown events with your Linktree
February 8, 2022

Banner _02_Email.png

Our new integration with Linktree provides a new zero-hassle way to embed your Bandsintown event dates and ticket links straight onto your Linktree. With this integration, you can maximize your digital footprint and offer fans a frictionless way to buy tickets to your live events and livestreams.

Adding the Bandsintown widget to your Linktree is quick and easy. Here's how it works...

  1. Log in to your Linktree Admin.

  2. Click 'Add New Link' and give your Link a 'Title'.

  3. Paste your Bandsintown URL in the URL field.

  4. A new Bandsintown module will appear below your link URL.

  5. Select either 'Display upcoming events from my Bandsintown profile' or you can link off to your Bandsintown page by selecting 'Go directly to URL'.

  6. For customization options, you can switch the toggle off or on to display your Bandsintown profile picture.

For further instructions and FAQ, you can visit our help center.

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Introducing our new Early Access Program 🎉
October 11, 2021

Always on the lookout for something new? With our Early Access program, we'll give you access to new features before anyone else in exchange for your feedback.

Be the first to gain access to our new Events Widget and Fan Manager dashboard that you can use to own your audience by collecting and exporting valuable fan data, including name, location, email, and phone number, all from your own website or Bandsintown Smart Link.

Want to start test driving our upcoming features and have a say in how our platform develops? Apply for Early Access here.

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